6 tickets left Friend – Are you in?


I just wanted to let you know that we only have 6 tickets left for the steak dinner next Monday. These are pre-sell only and you can’t beat a nice juicy steak for just $15.
You’d pay $25-35 at a higher end restaurant for the same plate!
But because we’re not fancy with white lines and fancy wines, you get a much better deal!

Dinner kicks off at 6:30.
This is dine in only.
If you’d like to get your hands on tickets click here and you can use any debit or credit card – you don’t need an account. (https://barmarketing.keap-link006.com/v2/click/dbf67dbba9489161b42f36a096b74868/eJyVkEsLgkAUhf_LXVs-QKvZhYiI5SJqHVNzq0Edh_EWmPjfmx64K2h9v_Mdzu2BUHFFmQAGB25qbkokqc7ggMGj1BIVxY0ifnwxURB5XuBAJVWZmuaqgfU_FCP2PPq-Pw8jB6jTaNHtZhnnWZHuV1mRW1ZzY7v-8S2CKJzNR2GyXmYrGIavDVhLSm62pAVG5orPiULambQzleUvRLplrnuQNK0699TcJy0hLydCKhvnWqMSn2fk2L0lwwO-KmuQ)
If you’d rather pay over the phone with credit card you can always call the bar at 815-977-3301. Please just don’t call between 12-2pm during lunch rush or from 5-7:30 during dinner as it takes time to enter cards over the phone into they system.
Again click here to order now online and we will have your name on a list when you come in. (https://barmarketing.keap-link003.com/v2/click/7ddeedfaf2a7d58ac7ec79c69d6e28fe/eJyVkE0LgkAURf_LW1t-QGazi4gYLBdR6xj1VYM2DuMzMPG_N1bUqqD1O_dc7uuAUAlFPAcGqTAXYQokqU7ggMFMaomKFpUikT2YMAg9L3CglKpYmarRwLofijc2HH3fjyaRA9RqtOhuO1_EPFkd1jyJLauFsV3_-GZBOJl-hMvNnK-h77824EXS8mpLamBkGhwm5tLOpL0pLX8m0jVz3VTSuGzdY3Ub1YSiGOVS2bjQGlX-ekaM7VPS3wG_zmuS)
If you have any questions, let me know.
And don’t forget, we have Rodney’s going away this Saturday kicking off at 5pm.
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg


Nick Fosberg

Thank you for visiting our website! My name is Nick "Fozzy" Fosberg. "Experience It!" Is our slogan and here's why.... Our number one goal is to provide our customers with amazing experiences. From the food, drinks, atmosphere, service, to all the different interactive promotions we provide. With that said, if you ever visit Fozzy's and have a bad experience, PLEASE reach out through Facebook or this website and let us know. Nobody is perfect and mistakes do happen in this business. However, if we don't know about them, we can't fix them 🙂 Thanks again and when you're in, ask for us! We'd love to meet you in person!